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Subdivision Combinations

Friday, January 3, 2020 by Chris McCaig | Rhythms

Subdivisions are smaller beats within a main beat.

In 4/4 time the main beat is a quarter note ♩

The quarter note subdivisions we'll be using are:

Quarter Notes = 1 per beat

Eighth Notes = 2 per beat

Eighth Note Triplets = 3 per beat

Sixteenth Notes = 4 per beat

Quintuplets = 5 per beat

Sixteenth Note Triplets = 6 per beat

Septuplets = 7 per beat

Thirty-Second Notes = 8 per beat

By combining subdivisions we can strengthen our rhythmic accuracy and timing.

To work on subdivisions further you can use each combination with the Master System.

For example:

⚫️ = Quintuplets

⃝  = 8th Note Triplets

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