Drum Lessons

All the information you need for drum lessons

Online Lessons

Online Lessons are available to anyone, no matter where you live.

Lessons can be booked on an ongoing or casual basis.

Students who normally take lessons in person can use online lessons in the event that they are unable to attend.

Zoom is my preferred application, but we can also use Skype or FaceTime.

Getting Set Up For Online Lessons

Studio Policy

These are the policies by which I conduct private drum lessons.

Please read them carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

Tutor Responsibilities

As a tutor I have current public liability insurance and working with children check.

I will assign a weekly personalised practice plan for you.

Students will be given the opportunity to learn a wide range of music, including songs chosen by the student.

I will select books, videos, websites and other media to use in our lessons to make learning music a fun experience.

I will help students set and achieve goals so that they are working towards the things they enjoy.

Student/Parent Responsibilities

Students are expected to arrive on time for every lesson with drumsticks and books, having completed their weekly practice.

Fees must be paid in advance to reserve a lesson time - no lessons will be given to students who haven’t paid.

Please login to your Student Portal each week to confirm your time and view your practice assignments.

Students need to practice on a decent instrument.

My recommendation would be a Pearl Export, which is the top selling drum kit in the world. 

Other brands to consider are Tama, Yamaha, Gretsch, Ludwig, Sonor, PDP and Mapex. 

Mute pads may also be purchased to reduce the volume. 

Electronic drum kits are fine for quiet practice but you will benefit more from practicing on acoustic drums. 

Roland or Yamaha are my recommended brands for electronic drums.

Studio Calendar

Lessons operate according to the school term calendar.

Lessons are conducted between Monday to Friday during school terms. 

Students can login to the Student Portal to view the calendar containing all scheduled lessons.

There will be no lessons on school holidays, public holidays or long weekends. 

Students are allocated 40 lessons per year (10 each term).

In the case of a shorter term extra lessons will be scheduled.


Lessons fees are set based on the tutors experience, qualifications and operating costs. 

Tuition covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student, but time preparing an individualised plan for each student's course of study.

Tuition is spread equally over the course of a year and charged each month in advance.

The debit will occur on the 1st of each month from February to December.

Fees are calculated based on lesson rate x 40 lessons, divided by 11 monthly payments. 

eg. If the rate is $44 then, $44 x 40 lessons = $1760/11 months = $160 per month.

The calculated rate will be debited each month regardless of the number of lessons in the month.

There is no difference in monthly tuition for months containing 4, 5 or 2 lessons, since the total of the 11 monthly payments covers the 40 lessons for the year.

Students will set up an automatic monthly debit through My Music Staff software on my website. 

All tuition payments are non refundable.

Please note that fees differ from one location to the next based on overheads (such as room rent) and school tuition fee guidelines.

Price per lesson
Monthly Fees (Feb-Dec)
Online (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime)$40 (+4 GST)$160
Macron Music Erina
$40 (+$4 GST)
Greenpoint Christian College
$35 (+$3.50 GST)
Central Coast Adventist School
$36 (+$3.60 GST)
Wyong Christian School
$28 (+$2.80 GST)

Rescheduling Lessons

Students can reschedule lessons, provided 24 hours notice is given.

A makeup credit will be issued.

Rescheduling is the responsibility of the parent/student and is dependent upon availability on my calendar. 

To reschedule a lesson, login to the Student Portal and select an available spot on my calendar. 

Each student has been allocated 40 lessons for the year. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you attend all 40 lessons or reschedule when necessary. 

Any unused lessons at the end of the year will be forfeited.

Books and Materials

Students are required to purchase books and materials for use in lessons and home practice. 

A seperate invoice will be sent for these items.

  • Drumsticks (Vic Firth 5A recommended)
  • Practice pad
  • Rockschool book
  • Basic Drum Kit Studies book (or other books)


Students work through the Rockschool Syllabus, which includes Entry Level and Grades 1-8.

At the completion of each grade students will have the opportunity to enrol for exams to receive their grade certificate.

Enrolment for exams is optional.

Some of the other books used in drum lessons include:

  • Basic Drum Kit Studies by Chris McCaig
  • Syncopation by Ted Reed
  • Stick Control by George L Stone
  • Groove Essentials by Tommy Igoe
  • Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer by Jim Riley
  • The Language of Drumming by Benny Greb
  • 'Patterns' series by Gary Chaffee
  • The New Breed by Gary Chester
  • Modern Reading Text in 4/4 by Louis Bellson
  • The All American Drummer by Charlie Wilcoxon
  • NARD Drum Solos

Apps and websites


Occasionally there will be opportunities to take part in concert and recitals.

This will always be optional but participation is encouraged to improve your performance skills.

Terminating Lessons

If you wish to finish lessons, please provide notice by email or text. 

Students will continue to receive the lessons they've paid for until the end of the monthly cycle when the termination will take effect.

Refunds will not be issued.


My preferred method of contact is text message or email, since I’m not usually available to talk on the phone during teaching times.

If you need to discuss anything with me just let me know by text or email and I will call you.

Media Release

Sometimes in lessons I will record audio or video of something we’re working on to help with technical issues or to track progress.

Audio, video or images may be used for promotional purposes on my website, social media or marketing. 

Generally students love to see themselves featured on my website or other marketing. 

Students are identified only by first name. 

If you do not want your child’s image being used please contact me by phone, email or in person.