Please note that fees differ from one location to the next based on overheads (such as room rent) and school tuition fee guidelines.

Macron Music

Days/Times: Monday 3pm-8pm, Tuesday 3:30pm-6pm, Wednesday 3:30pm-6pm, Thursday 3:30pm-6pm

Lesson Rate: $40 per half-hour

Monthly Payments: $145.45

Term Payments: $400 (based on 10 lessons)

Central Coast Adventist School (CCAS)

Days/Times: Monday 11am-1:30pm, Wednesday 8am-1:30pm

Lesson Rate: $36 per half-hour

Monthly Payments: $130.90

Term Payments: $360 (based on 10 lessons)

Green Point Christian College (GPCC)

Days/Times: Tuesday 8am-1:30pm

Lesson Rate: $35 per half-hour

Monthly Payments: $127.27

Term Payments: $350 (based on 10 lessons)

Wyong Christian Community School (WCCS)

Days/Times: Thursday 9am-2:30pm, Friday 9am-11:30am

Lesson Rate: $28 per half-hour

Monthly Payments: $101.81

Term Payments: $280 (based on 10 lessons)