There are 40 lessons scheduled each year (10 per term).

The total cost of lessons for the year is divided into 11 equal monthly payments.

Each month the payment amount will be the same, rather than adjusting for the number of lessons.

Fees are calculated based on your lesson rate x 40 lessons, divided by 11 monthly payments. 

eg. If your rate is $44 then, $44 x 40 lessons = $1760 / 11 months = $160 per month.

All tuition payments are non refundable.

Please note that fees differ from one location to the next based on overheads (such as room rent) and school tuition fee guidelines.

Price per lesson
Monthly Fees (Feb-Dec)
Online (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime)
$40 (+GST)
Macron Music Erina
$40 (+GST)
Greenpoint Christian College
$35 (+GST)
Central Coast Adventist School
$36 (+GST)
Wyong Christian School
$28 (+GST)

Direct debits occur on the 1st of each month from February to December.