General Information and Links

Rockschool is a UK based organisation which operates in Australia through the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board).

It is the student's responsibility to choose the exam period that suits them, enrol for the exam via AMEB connect, purchase books and organise fees.  

Rockschool Drums Australia:  https://rockschool.ameb.edu.au/drums/ 

Rockschool exams NSW: https://www.ameb.nsw.edu.au/subjects/instruments/rockschool

Exam dates & fees:  https://rockschool.ameb.edu.au/dates-and-fees/ 

The enrolment process: https://www.ameb.nsw.edu.au/exams/the-enrolment-process

Enrol for Rockschool in NSW via AMEB:https://www.ameb.nsw.edu.au/exams/rockschool

Purchase Rock School Books : https://www.ameb.edu.au/shop/rockschool/rockschool-drums.html

AMEB Connect

AMEB Connect is the online portal for enrolling for Rockschool exams in Australia.

Click here to Enrol for your exam

When you join AMEB Connect for the first time it will ask you for a teacher number.

My teacher number is: 109972 

Step 1: 'Select a previous candidate' if you've entered an AMEB exam before, or select 'New candidate' and enter your full name and date of birth.

Step 2: Series - Select 'Rockschool' from the menu for the dates that are applicable (note there are two exam periods for Rockschool each year). 

Step 3: Subject - In the 'Syllabus' menu select 'Rockschool Drums'. In the 'Subject' menu select Grade certificate and the grade you are studying eg. Grade 1.

Step 4: Pay for your exam by clicking 'Add To Basket' and proceed to the payment page.